Commission an original oil painting to your specifications of size, price range, subject, season, and color.

SUBJECT: You choose the subject based on versions of paintings that Randy has created or ideas you may have such as a favorite view or a family farm. Randy can work from his own photographs or use your photos as reference.

SEASON, COLOR, MOOD, TIME OF DAY: Randy appreciates all feedback he receives from you as he incorporates your personal preferences with his creative abilities.

THE PROCESS: The first step involves collaborating with Randy on ideas and concepts. Randy will develop initial compositions based on these conversations he has with you. Next, Randy will send sketches of the best compositions as well as color photographs to suggest season, lighting, color, etc. At this stage, he will include price quotes based on your size specifications. Once you approve a concept,Randy will move forward with creating the final artwork. For larger commissioned works, Randy often creates a small oil study to communicate all aspects of the painting for final approval before proceeding on the large version. Once the painting is complete, Randy will send a photograph of the finished piece. At this time you may suggest alterations, however this is rarely necessary.

TERMS: 20% deposit based on an approximate initial estimate is required to begin the process. Upon final approval, the balance is due before shipping or delivery is made.

PRICE RANGE: This is generally based on size and complexity. You can get an idea of how originals are priced by viewing current available originals.

Limited Edition Print Runs of Your Commissioned Original

If the subject of the painting is of interest to other family members or corporate groups or to be used in a fund-raiser, Randy can have a small print edition run based on your size and price specifications and provide them framed or unframed.